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Green Deal

What is the Green Deal?

green dealThe Green Deal is a ground breaking home improvement initiative launched by the Government to enable consumers to make energy efficient upgrades to their properties without having to pay the costs upfront.

Products likely to be offered under Green Deal will include cavity and solid wall insulation, double glazing, boilers and air heat pumps.

In the quest to meet carbon reduction targets and drive down the cost of energy bills the revolutionary scheme will allow consumers to benefit immediately from energy efficient upgrades and pay back the costs over a period of time.

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Private companies will be able to provide Green Deal loans to cover the costs of the energy efficient upgrades and recuperate the costs via monthly instalments on the property energy bills.

Unlike a conventional loan, the green deal loan costs are attached to the property and not the bill payer. This means that if you are no longer responsible for the property, the repayments remain with the property and become the responsibility of the new owner.

The Golden rule

The 'Golden Rule' is key to the success of the Green Deal and must be adhered to in order for the energy upgrade to happen.

DECC states that 'The expected financial savings must be equal to or greater than the costs attached to the energy bill'.

This basically means that if having solid wall insulation saves you £50 per month on your energy bills, the repayments for the loan will not exceed £50.

Technically this would mean that your energy bill would remain at the same monthly price as it did before the installation but you would be benefiting from the energy efficient product.

What energy efficient measures come under the Green Deal?

Energy efficient improvements available under the Green Deal scheme range from cavity wall insulation, solid wall insulation and loft insulation to draught proofing, double glazing and energy saving lighting upgrades. A-rated condensing boilers and micro generation renewable technologies such as air source heat pumps and solar panels will also be covered.

What is the process?

The Green Deal Provider will send an accredited Green Deal Advisor to visit the property and conduct a Green Deal Assessment.

The Green Deal Advisor will conduct a survey on property based on the current energy performance.

The Green Deal Advisor will provide recommendations for potential improvements that could be made from the Green Deal list of measures and confirm that the work will meet the 'Golden Rule'.

The Green Deal Provider will short list the recommended products and packages and create a Green Deal Plan for approval by the customer.

On approval of the Green Deal Plan, the Green Deal Provider will record the plan and access the Green Deal Finance to cover the cost of the install.

It is the role of the Green Deal Provider to co-ordinate all information and consents required on the paperwork, employ an accredited installer to carry out the work and notify the energy supplier.

The Green Deal charge will be added to the energy bill around 14 days after install.

Next steps

To speak to Keep The House Warm about available measures under the Green Deal call 0808 181 0024 or click here to contact us through this website.