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Property Maintenance Services


Keep The House Warm  Maintenance teams offers a wide range of general services to keep your home or business in excellent condition. In addition to fixes, repairs and revitalisation, we are also happy to carry out an assessment on your property.

Kitchen fitting

We can arrange for the kitchen to be fitted from start to finsh. We have contacts with some of the bigget kitchen suppliers in the uk.

we wil send some one out to survey and advise but not to sell.



Painting and Decorating

Our decorators offer all standard painting and decorating services including tiling, wallpapering, repainting and plastering. We are also happy to take on custom work to help you make your property stand out from the crowd.



Skilful carpentry work can easily add measurable value to your home or business by creating a professional finish.We offer carpentry services including fitting doors, floors, skirting boards, fencing, decking, joists, fascias, staircases and more.


Plumbing and Drainage

Our  plumbers can fix stubborn blocks and serious leaks quickly and efficiently. Whether you have a problem with your kitchen sink or outside guttering, we can help. Our plumbing and drainage experts are all accredited by recognised bodies and employ specialist equipment.



Our refurbishment and repair solutions cover everything from decorating to plumbing, and are an increasingly popular way to refresh your property's look and feel. At Property Maintenance we refurbish both commercial and domestic properties to very high standards and work within your budget and timeframe.

Commercial Property Maintenance

We provide affordable property maintenance for all types of commercial buildings, ranging from shops to offices to pubs. We have numerous permanent contracts with business owners and landlords across the south  and the Home Counties who personally recommend our services. Our varied team of friendly professionals means you can always reach the right person for the job and only need to contact one company for all your property maintenance needs.